| Friday, 24 February 2017 |
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Exploring Zentangle Inspired Art with Sue Swanson

10:00 AM

Tangling uses simple lines and curves to build patterns that are repeated and combined to make a small works of art. The process is very easy, meditative, relaxing and fun. Tapping into your inner spirit while doodling can give you another way to commune with your faith.

Sue Swanson is interested in how we can learn to use artistic creativity to express our faith through practice and repetition. As an alum of United (’05), she understands the transformation that can happen when we start to engage our hands in artmaking.

$10 for students, including supplies.


Global event

Why Theological Education?

6:00 PM

Ministry isn’t just for the pulpit anymore. Theological education can inform your work in life-giving ways, whether you’re called to be a non-profit leader, social entrepreneur, scholar, artist, activist, or church leader. Join us for pizza, a panel discussion, and a discerning conversation about the future of theological education…and if it’s right for you.


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Hybrid Weeks

12:00 AM » Saturday, 4 March, 11:55 PM