The Certificate in Art and Religious Leadership is designed for religious leaders (pastors, religious educators, youth workers, lay leaders and/or social justice leaders) in any community setting who are interested in experiencing how the arts can inform their ability to lead in a time of change and opportunity. The Certificate is open to anyone who is interested, and it can be completed in one year (September – June (except for March)). Participants will learn from artists of diverse disciplines how to reflect more imaginatively and creatively, using the lens of the arts to focus on enhancing religious leadership, spiritual renewal, and social transformation.

The Certificate in Arts and Religious Leadership will involve cohort monthly sessions, seven-hours each worth one unit (three in the fall and three in the spring). These seven-hour, one-unit sessions center on topics such as, “Religious Leader as Artist” (emphasis on the shared creative process of artists and religious leaders), “Religious Leader as Poet” (emphasis on a poetic voice in our writing and speaking), and “Religious Leader and Improvisation” (emphasis on how to think “outside of the box” in challenging times). In addition to the six monthly cohort sessions, participants will take two electives (two units, totally 14 hours) of their choice during the academic year or elect to take The Summer Institute in Spirituality and the Arts (a week in June) as a 1-or-2-unit session.

Each cohort session, led by artists and instructors across diverse cultures, provide participants with the opportunity to become acquainted with other members of the program. These people will be an essential conduit and causeway of energy as participants progress through the certificate program. In each of the session offerings, participants will be expected to read some materials prior to class, using them as a spiritual catalyst in their learning experience. Participants will choose to do either an integrative notebook or a portfolio, but the program allows you to determine what will give you a format for creativity and transformation. In between sessions, you will have the opportunity to keep in touch with classmates through an online learning platform - Moodle.